: Communication as an aspect for Managing Change in Schools

Topic: Communication as an aspect for Managing Change in Schools

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This essay is based on leadership and education. The writer should have through knowledge on Education or teaching. It is advantageous to select a writer who has finished M.Ed for better understanding. I have already written 600 words therefore I request the writer to continue where I stopped. I have highlighted on the document the points that need to be covered. Please make sure you maintain the writing style and flow of thoughts.

Assignment Details:

Identify an aspect of practice for which you are responsible that you

would like to change.

• Discuss the reasons for your choice.

• Use the literature to plan how you will implement the change.

• Identify the barriers you may face.

• Promote involvement and evaluate impact

The problem you identify may be small scale or large scale. Whichever it is, you

should be able to frame it in a wider (inter)national context.

At a minimum your essay should do the following:

• Describe the context (setting) of your critique/evaluation.

• Identify one or more aspects of leadership.

• Relate this aspect/these aspects of leadership to the management of


• State and justify your position within the critique (i.e. supportive, critical

or balanced)

• Use leadership, management and change management literature to

support your argument.

• Use an appropriate academic style.

• Use Cite them right referencing conventions

A thorough, analytical and reflective analysis of the relevant literature. Typically this starts with literature that sets the context for the study and narrows down to define terms and theoretical frameworks or concepts which are of interest. Several areas of interest may be explored and their significance to the topic should be made clear by the author.

Some assessment of the possible methods as well as an account and justification of the method(s) chosen. This section will usually include a (past tense) account of how the data was actually gathered including any problems arising. Headings should include: justification of the chosen paradigm [relating to the overall aim of the study]; primary and secondary data collection; sampling; recruitment of respondents; research design and procedure; limitations of the research; validity, objectivity and reliability of the research design
Findings/ Results
?The data generated by the above. It should be reported as completely and neutrally as is possible such that the reader can assess it. In many cases some analysis will have been carried out and this should be made clear.

Analysis/ Discussion
The main analysis should be separated out. Further discussion of the data and analysis may be another separate section depending on the nature of the study. The analysis MUST benchmark the primary research findings with the review of the literature – so that the student shows they have reflected and thought about the impact of their study
on current understanding

Conclusions and Recommendations
Conclusions should cover all the implications of the study including those from literature, from a consideration of methods, from data gathering and data generated. A clear summary and insight, an overall conclusion to the research aim and objectives must be here with some assessment of the strength of conclusions. Recommendations can be made concerning all aspects of the research and for future research and to the industry used for the context.
Appendices, illustrations etc
Any necessary additional information should be here, for example, sample questionnaires, topic guides, transcriptions etc

Full references to every source used, using the Harvard System of referencing. Bibliography [sources read but not cited] may also be included but not mandatory

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