10 page paper on communication in male-female relationships that is organized around your responses to the statements and or questions below. the goal of this assignment is to have students to use the assigned readings and any other readings of their choice to analyze the problem of communication in male-female relationships. the analysis will allow students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the issues that are associated with the problem, including solutions.

1) what is the role of communication in interpersonal relationships (listening skills, verbal communications, nonverbal communication)

2) based on the literature,discuss what is the current state or knowledge about male-female communication style?

3) discuss the influence that the male-female socialization process has on the development of communication style. what other variables impact the development of communication skills?

4)what problems do differences in male-female communications skills present for their interpersonal relationships?

5)what are the solutions for better male-female communication skills?

6)after having looked at this issue, what questions do you feel still remain unanswered? do you agree or disagree with the conclusions that have been presented in the literature

paper guidelines:

1)cite at least 8 different references in the body of the paper. use APA citation method for references in the body of the paper and in the bibliography

2)cite the references that you used on a separate bibliography page. the page will be page 11 of the paper

3. use standard margins, paragraphs fonts, and bibliography formats.

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