Compare and contrast market fundamentalist and protectionist approaches to the state in the innovation economy. Describe how these two approaches play out in SiliconValley.Which of these positions on the role of the state do you find more compelling? Why

Compare and contrast market fundamentalist and protectionist approaches to the state in the innovation economy. Describe how these two approaches play out in SiliconValley.Which of these positions on the role of the state do you find more compelling? Why
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professor’s requirement.
Please write an essay answering all the questions in this prompt. We do not want to see headings or sub-headings in your essay. Nor do we want to see dangling sentences. Instead, we would like you to put together a well organized, carefully crafted, and well written discussion on this essay topic.

As you organize your work, please be sure to read all the required readings, look over your lecture notes, and make sure that you are familiar with all the materials that have been presented to you in class (or on the website). We want you to cite key authors throughout your work as a way of indicating that you are keeping up with the work that has been assigned to you in class.

What are we looking for in this paper? We are principally interested in seeing that you have mastered the materials that have been presented to you in the last two weeks of this class. Creativity is important; indeed, the last part of the essay requires that you develop and put forward your own ideas and that you defend them At the same time, please be aware that creativity, alone, will not get you far: we will need evidence of learning from you. So please so it! Notice, also, that we are asking you to put your paper through Turnitin, As with the first assignment, we are expecting work from you that is your very own work, in your very own words.

Your paper must include the following (I organize these under distinct headings here, but please do NOT include headings in your own work!):

1. Introduction (one paragraph – about 50 words)

Start with a strong introduction. Talk about the double movement and cite the relevant author (= you know who he is!). Don’t waste words; get to the point fast. Don’t waffle, don’t be vague. Show that you know the class material. Don’t make up stuff and hide your lack of work behind fancy phrases and/or big words.

2. Middle (several paragraphs – about 600 words in total)

You have many things to accomplish in this middle part of the essay: (1) describe market fundamentalism and name an author that represents this viewpoint, (2) describe protectionism and identify an author that is associated with this position, and (3) map these two positions onto contemporary debates that are raging in Silicon Valley. I want to see four distinct authors named in the course of this discussion.

3. Conclusion (one paragraph – about 100 words)

This is where you MUST take a position in the debate. There are no right or wrong answers here. As you well know, I have my own position but my expectation here is NOT that you parrot back my position. We will evaluate your work in this part of the essay by looking for (1) whether you have, in fact, taken a position, (2) if this position is clear, and (3) have you made an attempt to defend it. Do not simply assert that one position is better than the other – show it!

Throughout all of this, the focus should be kept on INNOVATION. What is it that these two positions have to say about the role of the state in the innovation economy? Does the state help or harm innovation? When you come to declaring your own point of view, please take one that you think is most likely to lead to a thriving innovation economy – now and in the future.

Here are a few additional things that you need to keep in mind as you write your essay:

Your assignment cannot be longer than 750 words in total. You may distribute your 750 words in whichever way you want, but you cannot go over the world limit.
You must include your total word count at the end of your assignment. Failure to do so may result in not getting full marks on the assignment.
This time we are asking you to craft an essay. Your essay must have a beginning (introduction), a middle, and an end (conclusion). Your paragraphs must be well crafted and they must hang together. Do NOT use bullet points anywhere during your essay as it will count against you. Organize and plan your work. Make sure that your argument is clear, your story is engaging, and your essay is well written. If you are not sure how to write an essay, please consult the document on How to Answer an Essay Exam in Modules (under “How Does this Course Work?”).
Your work must be entirely in your own words. You may not use direct quotations from readings, videos, or lecture notes. You may rephrase other people’s work, but please do so in your own words. This is one of the best ways to show that you really understand the material at hand.
This is a take-home exam, so the work has to be entirely your own. What does this mean? You may not collaborate with others in the class and you may not seek the advice of former students. Please do not offer or receive help from others in completing your work. Working with others on this paper – in any capacity – is considered cheating. If you are caught cheating on the exam, you will fail the class and you will be reported to the Student Conduct Office. Don’t cheat. It is not worth it.
We ask that you submit your assignment to a Turnitin review, as a way of encouraging original work on your part. The Turnitin review is an automatic part of your submission process. I have requested bCourses to do this review for everyone. You will receive a Turnitin score soon after submitting your work. (Sometimes this score will appear immediately; other times it takes an hour or so to complete the review – the length of time it takes to review the work depends on foot traffic at the time that you submit your work to Turnitin.)
Can you edit your work once you have uploaded into your assignment folder? Absolutely! You can edit and change your paragraphs as many times as you wish; so long as you do so before the assignment deadline.
You don’t need a formal bibliography for the essay, unless you make references to readings that are not included in the syllabus or have not been presented to you in lectures. In-text references should include author names only (in brackets); page numbers will not be necessary.
Clarity is very, very important in this assignment. After you write your first draft, go over it and make sure that your work is comprehensive, you touch on all the important points, and that you do not leave material to your reader’s imagination. Pretend that you are writing this for a friend, not your professor or grader. Write clearly and organize your thoughts.

Here is my words.
I will upload all the resource that you might need to use in the essay. Please read the notes and finish the reading and use the materials to write the essay. It is key point when the professor are grading my essay.

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