Please compare and contrast the characteristics of these major minority groups in American society; Native Americans, African Americans, and Hispanic Americans. In other words, discuss the similarities and differences of these three minority groups in terms of history, demographics (social class, economics, employment, housing, etc…), and current overall status in American society.

a. Each essay must be typed using double-spaced line and Courier 10 or Times New Roman 12 font (no other font size or style will be accepted)

b. Each essay must be a minimum 4 FULL PAGES in length, not to exceed 6 FULL PAGES. (papers that are too short or too long will not be accepted for grading)

c. You must use a Title page and a Works Cited page, neither of which counts toward the page requirement. You must also cite your reference within the body of the paper whenever you quote or paraphrase the author(s).

d. All papers are due on the specified due date.


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