Choose between two and four literary texts that we’ve read this semester and consider their similarities and differences. How do these texts depict Asian American experiences of gender/sexuality? What kinds of messages do they attempt to convey to their audience? Based on your observations, make an original argument and, as with the first essay, substantiate your claims in 4-5 pages through textual evidence (close-readings).

The Story of One White Woman Who Married a Chinese
Eat a Bowl of Tea
Romance of Magno Rubio
America is in the Heart
The Woman Warrior: Memoir of a Girlhood Among Ghosts
Chickencoop Chinaman
The Book of Salt
M. Butterfly

Previous assignment that details close-readings:
Pick a literary text and consider some of the most striking, compelling, or puzzling aspects of it. Do you notice any patterns in its imagery, tropes, or language? What stands out about these patterns? What do they tell you about the text? Based on your answers, come up with an argument and, in 4-5 pages: a) substantiate it with textual evidence (close-readings) and b) lead your reader through all of the logical steps of your claim. Remember, an argument can be debated and challenged while an observation simply provides commentary.


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