Order DescriptionComparing and contrasting Carlos Castaneda’s 3 books based on a single prompt. The goal is to write an essay in which the writer tries to answer the question on the prompt rather than explaining what’s going on throughout the books. There has to be no introductions throughout the essay. The reader assumes that you already know the characters, events, setting etc. The paper should mostly focus on the third book, which is Journey to Ixtlan.These 3 books are as follows:
1) Carlos Castaneda – The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge
2) Carlos Castaneda – A Separate Reality
3) Carlos Castaneda – Journey to Ixtlan
The prompt that the paper should be based on is as follows:
Don Juan invented the “disappearing car”, but Carlos invented the disappearing self. When you stop the world you stop the perspective or description of reality that has been running in you since you were a small child. Up until this point your “self” was merely a subject, a passive victim of the descriptional forces impinging on you. But when you stop the world you have taken your own initiative on the happening of things, and have become an active subject instead of a passive one. What does this mean?

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