Comparing Decentralization in Thailand and one other country


State Devolution/Decentralization: Select two countries that have gone through a process of devolution of
political authority to regional governments since the 1970s. Compare and contrast: 1) the process and extent
of decentralization; 2) the reasons why decentralization occurred; and 3) the costs and benefits of
decentralization. Be sure to clearly define the concept of devolution/decentralization. See textbook chapters
on states and advanced democracies. However, you do not need to analyze an advanced democracy.

Note: The paper must be based overwhelmingly on at least five peer‐reviewed outside (not class
readings) academic sources (academic journal articles, chapters in edited books, or
academic books – multiple chapters in one book count as one source) on the topic.
Academic sources are those that are written by academics for students and academics. You
may also incorporate newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, government and NGO reports
and credible web‐based information in your paper; however, these will not satisfy the peer‐
reviewed academic‐source requirement and they should be supplementary rather than the
basis of your paper.
 Web sites that have not specifically been used in the course must be justified as credible
in your bibliography (explain who the source is, what their angle might be and why the
reader should find the source credible). Wikipedia is not a credible source for this class.


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