Compare the 2  Assigned Comprehensive School Counseling Programs/Guidance Plans
Use  the APA Publication Manual Sixth Edition
14-18 pages using 12 pt. Times New Roman Font
DUE DATE: November 20
35% of final grade
New Ramp Scoring Rubric is available in CANVAS course files
The RAMP school assigned to each student includes the application narrative and hyperlinks to detailed information, such as: lesson plans, calendars, charts, graphs, results reports etc.
Include similarities and differences between the two programs
Based on your professional opinion/experiences, describe aspects of each program that are of value to students, parents, teachers, administrators etc.
Describe and compare the structure/format/outline of entire documents
Use quotes, documents, charts, diagrams, examples etc. in order to provide a detailed and thorough picture of both plans
Describe important elements of the ASCA Comprehensive Model that are lacking in each School Counseling program/plan
Describe exemplary elements of the ASCA National Model (the framework for School Counseling Programs) that are present in each program/plan
The grade earned will be impacted by the number of variables described, compared and contrasted


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