This is a very important term paper on the composition of EU institutions. A significant portion of the paper needs to be devoted to analyzing different EU institutions. The second part of the paper needs to make recommendations on what structural and functional changes can be done to this organization in order to make it more capable and efficient. I have chosen the book “Europe’s Last Chance” by Guy Verhofstadt as a source for the second part of the paper. There are two papers that I’ve uploaded below. One is the paper guidelines. When reading the instructions keep in mind that I’m writting my paper on the EU and specifically on the composition of government. The second paper which I wrote myself is a short intro/summary of the content of my paper. There is a work cited page at the end of this paper, and I prefer that you use most of the sources that I’ve listed. You don’t necessarily have to stick to these sources. You can replace them with better and more relevant sources if you find an. However, in case of the book “Europe’s last chance” I would prefer if you stick to that.

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