Choose an organisation that has an IS/IT/Networks department with both a LAN and a WAN. Collect all the relevant information on the Computing and Communication Network used by this organisation. Review the NETWORK & DATA COMMUNICATIONS operations and maintenance functions. Your review report will contain at the minimum:

1. Executive Summary (one page to describe your project and your findings), Table of Contents, then Introduction (including background)
2. Observations/Details
• Description of the Network & Data Communications used (including a network diagram) and analysis of their network considering alternative options.
• Study the use of topics you learned in advanced data communication that is already implemented or suggest how these can be implemented in their networks.
• Brief Description of Protocols used (focus on advanced data communication topics)
• Network Management System used.
• Organisation of Operation and Maintenance functions
• Key Network Security measures in Place
3. Assessment (your own) concerning
• Performance of Network & Data communication function
• Preparedness for integration of future growth & future technologies (and future network plan of the company).
4. Recommendations for improving the company’s Networks, and their Operations and Maintenance functions.
5. Future plans of the company
6. Discussions and Conclusions
I will give all information about network and network diagram
I need 15 to 20 pages

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