Concept Page

Weekly concept page (20): A one-page, single-spaced, three-point, weekly concept paper. The format should include: 1) Referenced concept (author’s words referenced and summarized; 2) Concept interpreted (what it means to you); 3) Illustration and question (how you’re able to apply the concept). Your concept page is based on aspects of the week’s required reading. Your concept page will be discussed on the day that they are due, usually Mondays.

Choose one of this concepts ONLY ONE to do the paper on based on the chapter of the book falling back I’m going to upload.
Concepts to draw on: Residential Treatment, CBT, Criminal Thinking Errors, Seriously Delinquent, Race, Identity. Norms, Values, Inner-City Poverty, Ethnography. General concepts like norms, values, poverty, & ethnography should be related to the broader issue of juvenile justice, as Fader relates.

The paper should follow the guide instructed in the first paragraph.
first paragraph: referenced concept (authors words referenced and summarizes

second paragraph: concept interpreted, interpretation what it means to me “you” in 1st person

third paragraph: apply the concept, how are you able to apply the concept.

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