Eastern Florida State CollegeDunnCritical Thinking EssayAnswer the following question using at least THREE SOURCES.  Your observations should be typed, double-spaced with correct spelling and proper sentence structure, and approximately three-four pages in length.  Your research must be reflected within the body of the paper via appropriate citations using either Turabian or Chicago Manual of Style Format (not MLA).  A bibliography of ALL the sources you consulted should be included as part of the assignment, at the end of the reflective essay. Make sure to take a clear position on the question posed and include documentation to support your argument.Is it appropriate for cities/states to publically display monuments (flags, statues, etc.) to the Confederacy? Why or Why Not?  A starting point for your consideration is below: SUPPORTERS ARGUEConfederate monuments are symbols of southern pride and heritage, honoring the valor and courage of Confederate soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the Civil War, and should be displayed on public property. It is wrong to vilify symbols that many people value just because a misguided few have misappropriated their meaning.OPPONENTS ARGUEConfederate monuments are symbols of racism, hate, and treason and have become inextricably tied to slavery, white supremacy, segregation, and discrimination against African Americans. Displaying Confederate symbols on public property endorses a harmful ideology that perpetuates the errors of the past.(Issues and Controversies)Remember, this is a RESEARCH-based assignment, not simply an opinion piece.  Include EVIDENCE to support your ideas.  Be sure to consider historical context when addressing the issue

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