Constitutional Rights(Criminal Procedure

Format: Paper should be 3-4 pages of text(double-spaced)
The paper should be written in 12-pt, Times New Roman font with 1” margins.

Citations: You should use APA formatting for the in-text citations and reference page. Every time you use information from another source (e.g., the textbook, outside websites, etc.), it must be properly cited using APA in-text citations.

Here is a guide for in-text citations: bulk of your grade will depend on how well you use course material, and on organization,
clarity, grammar, formatting, etc. I will grade papers using the rubric found below.


You have just been arrested for armed robbery. Summarize your most important constitutional rights during this process, starting at the moment of arrest until conviction. You do not need to discuss every single constitutional right, but should summarize at least three of the most important rights. Be sure to explain the legal underpinnings of these rights.

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