Consumer Behaviour

How have you used cultural analysis to draw out insights from data you collected?
What are the cultural questions that you discovered through your study?
How does the concept of “holism” apply to your study?
How have you applied semiotics to decode advertising, photos and visual images?
How have you come to understand the “symbolic terrain” of your study topic, for example, through advertising directed at the consumers you studied?
What are the practices and practice routines that you discovered and what is the role of the objects (and brands) that are embedded within those practices?
What are the ethical issues involved in consumer research that you encountered in your project? 
What have you learned about working with and presenting to clients, and about drawing actionable insights from data?
How are the “boundaries of consumption” represented in your study?
Consumption is not compelled.
Consumption begins where the market ends.
How does your study demonstrate that “Consumption is the very arena in which culture is fought over and licked into shape”?



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