contemporary business issue

contemporary business issue

Project description
ASSESSMENT 2 Project (50%, 2,000 words).
Communication and IT skills in the workplace are essential. This assessment provides an opportunity to explore issues that are currently impacting the business environment and communicate these issues to a business audience.

• SMEs – the lifeblood of the economy

There are 2 Sections to this assessment:
• An Information leaflet – A4 either bi-fold or trifold (see word templates for examples) 2 sides of A4.
• Bibliography, sources of information and profiles. A document that supports the leaflet demonstrating the validity and relevance of the points in the leaflet.

The Leaflet (1,000 words)
Organisations often design and circulate leaflets or fliers to inform and advise staff, customers or members of a trade association. They are a mixture of visual information and facts which are succinct, informative and persuasive and should have an impact.
Your leaflet should include –
• The ‘What’ – Definitions, succinct explanation;
• The current situation or context with key facts – charts, statistics;
• Exploration of main issues – keep to 2/3 main points – what are the different perspectives?
• Implications for the future.

Bibliography, sources of information and profiles (1,000 words – NB bibliography not included in word count)
• Website information – an evaluation of websites referred to – what is the website there to do? Who contributes?
• People and/or business profiles – a short outline of any individuals or businesses cited and their influence
• Harvard format Bibliography of ALL sources used.

The emphasis for this project is to demonstrate the ability to identify key issues, research the implications for organisations and translate this into an operational perspective.

Students should also review assessment criteria (on CLIC learn) to help establish good academic techniques AND the Harvard referencing support material on CLIC. Have you looked at the feedback on Turnitin for your previous assignment? The feedback will show why you have got good marks (or not).
Submission Date: Monday 12th May 2014
Return Date: Wednesday 4th June 2014

The project is to be submitted electronically through Turnitin – there is a drop box in the Contemporary Business Issues CLIC learn assessment folder. There is NO requirement for a paper copy to be submitted.
To enable effective archiving, you should name your Document:
CBS2leaflet2014your name

Assignment submission should include ALL of the content of the assignment in one Word document (make use of page and section breaks to separate the elements):
1. Assignment cover page – found on CLIC – Student admin – cover sheet folder.
2. Leaflet – either create your own word document using columns or use a template.
3. Sources page(s) – sources, profiles and bibliography.

These sections need to be ONE document for Turnitin.
NB the Bibliography is outside the word count, as are charts and tables that you might include within the document.

Hints and Tips

• SMEs – the lifeblood of the economy
Small and Medium enterprises are fundamental to any economy. Innovation in new products and services often starts in the SME economy (Apple and Google were SMEs once!) How have SMEs in general weathered the recession? What help is provided for business start-ups and how does government policy support new business development in the economy?

Business Management Skills incorporated in this assignment:
• Information gathering and research – finding reliable and credible information, making sense of it and applying it to business context.
• Following guidelines to produce an effective project which informs and applies your ideas to the busyness environment, perhaps suggesting a course of operational action or next steps.


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