Content Analysis on reality tv shows


Content Analysis on reality tv shows

Paper instructions:
Deadline is strict, please dont bid if you cannot meet the deadline.

-Brief into(no need for subead)
-Intro the topic being studied/background (1 page)

Research Question (Include as subhead)
-Do not include 2 elements in one question

Variable (Include as subhead) independent and dependent

Operational definitions of variables (include as subhead)

Hypothesis (include as subhead)

Literature Review (7 journals)
– Concept and theory, review past research (no need subhead)
– critical analysis of the following:-
*the main research trends
*highlighting the failure of past research
*the contradictory findings from different researchers (if any)
*being aware of questions which remain unanswered (if any)
-Discussion in relation to the current research
*how is it similar, different
*what are the past weaknesses that i would like to overcome in this paper

Methodology (Qualitative paper)
-Subjects (include as subhead)
– Materials (include as subhead)
-Procedures (include as subhead)
-Design (include as subhead)
*explain why qualitative, rationale, strength, and limitations to the design employed

-categorize the code finding appropriately
-Discussion should be critical which includes the interpretation and explanation of result
-explain why the hypothesis was/were supported or rejected.

Discussion (4-5 pages)
– Critical discussion of results against past research
-Critical discussion of results in relation to the theory used as the background of the research

– Should include at least `10 references
-Follow APA format

-include necessary items for reference

This paper should be written in APA format, Times New Roman, size 12
10 references – which include the 7 journals and 3 other reliable sources

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