1 How do content, form, and context relate in writing?”
For your final assignment, as you know, you will write a sustained, well-supported essay that answers the course question with an insightful, original, arguable claim, using specific evidence and analysis for support.
This question is too broad and open-ended to be answered directly, so you’ll need to translate the question into your own terms, and be as specific as possible in your focus, argument, and evidence. You cannot answer the question universally and in its entirety, so you need to find which aspect of the relationship/s YOU find most compelling and in need of attention. At its most basic level, the final paper should offer an original claim about some aspect of how we write (and relate that to why we write that way and/or what we’re writing about).
As I’ve indicated before you can decide to specify one type of style/content/context (e.g. you can offer your theory on a specific rhetorical technique you’ve observed in the course readings, or analyze a specific author or story to defend or support your theory), or you can make a very specific and arguable claim about the relationship between the terms as they stand.
No matter what you choose, you must cite at least three course readings in your final essay.
Your audience for this essay will be both your classmates and myself, which means an academic audience familiar with the subject and material. Your goal is to persuade us of your specific theory, and why it’s significant, relevant, and/or valuable to consider your theory, and your final draft should demonstrate all of the skills you’ve gained from this class, as well as your engagement with and understanding of the course as a whole.

2 resource


this is water

A Reader’s Manifesto

and 2 pdf (Why I Write and Living like weasels)

There are also 3 Word file. The first one is about some advice from teacher, the second one is about some analysis, and the last one is about some other students’ ideas about this essay.

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