Control Project (Accounting Information System)


Control Project (Accounting Information System)
The paper should have an introduction which will include a brief description of the business and the "cycle" you will be assessing. (maybe 1-2 pages) The second part will be the procedures the the cycle with notations made for any strengths or weaknesses. This part will be more detailed that the cases we read in the book (no specific requirements for length here, I’m guessing at least 3 pages, but it could be many more). Part three will be the control analysis sheets, one or more pages for each objective (CAVES).


Objective: Validity – All sales are approved.

S/W | page | Strength/Weakness | Threat
S 1 | p1 | Sales are made only to customers with existing | Risk of selling to unauthorized customers
| | accounts

(The example is for the excel file. You will find 5 sheets in the excel file that need to be filled.)

At the end of each objective, tell me whether you think the objective has been met or not.

Any recommendations for correcting weaknesses should follow and be referenced to the weakness in the control analysis sheet.


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