“Country Culture & Subculture”

In this assignment, you, individually, go through your chosen country culture and sub-cultures. It is recommended to
choose a country, which you are familiar with. A country can be chosen by maximum of 3 students.
The emphasis of this fieldwork assignment is on individual and experiential learning. Your task is to draw a big picture
of the country’s culture, survey cultural dimensions, go through the sub-cultures and importantly analyze different
aspects of the country’s culture and sub-culture in management, communication, negotiation and other business related
functions. It is recommended both (a) to do a library survey about your country culture and (b) conduct a field survey
among the natives of the country (field survey is optional). Keep in mind that culture is a group phenomenon.
Therefore, spending some time with just one member of the culture may not enable you to see any more than one
person’s views. Using the most updated references and precise indicating of them in your final report is mandatory.
In this assignment you are expected to utilize the concepts and frameworks discussed in Chapters 2, 3 and 4 of our
The report on your study and fieldwork experiences should include the following items:
• Brief description of key country facts; it’s better to utilize more of figures, tables and charts to enrich this part.
It shouldn’t go over the 10% of your whole report (max. 300 words)
• In-depth description of the national culture; elaborating on the ingredients of the culture e.g. language/s,
religion/s etc. for the chosen country. (Chapter 2 – pages 24-29 can be helpful)
• Explaining different dimensions and attributes of your country’s culture; for this section employ one of the
cultural frameworks in the 3rd chapter (Chapter 3 – pages 43-52 can be helpful)
• Introducing and depicting as many sub-cultures as you can find in your chosen country; for this section,
searching through the Internet, the academic databases provided to you by the library (the list is available on
the MOODLE) and field research (optional) can help.
• Analyzing cultural and sub-cultural effects on communication, negotiation and other business related
functions; in this section the business culture in the chosen country is important.
• Recommendations – how would you enhance your country’s cross-cultural interaction?
The last 3 items (country’s subcultures, analysis and recommendations) are the most important parts of the report.
Please give them the appropriate attention. In the report, try to relate your experience as much as possible to the
theories and models discussed in class.
• A hard copy of this assignment is due at the beginning of Session 6 (Feb. 16 or 17, 2015)
• An electronic copy of the report has to be sent to me by email as an attached file (Word format) no
later than 22:00hrs the day before session 6.
• The report must conform to the following specifications:
MARK/IBUS 492, All Sections, Winter 2016 INDIVIDUAL REPORT OUTLINE Page 2
Ø Word limit: 3000 words
Ø File name: Steve Athana, ID 27654098, MARK/IBUS 492, Section B, Country
Ø Typed 12 point font and 1.5 line spacing,
Ø Stapled in top left corner, please do not enclose in any type of binder or folder.
Ø Originals only, no photocopies will be accepted.
Ø Papers received after the deadline will have the grade reduced by 10% per day.

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