A short research paper over a country of interest to you (other than the United States). The paper is a minimum of three pages of text (excluding the cover page and reference section).

Each of the following aspects should be covered as they relate to conducting business in your selected country. Topics within each aspect are designed to be a guide, not a comprehensive listing of topics you must include. Each national context will justify a varying level of emphasis on these and other topics.

I. Introduction

II. Political/Legal Aspects
A. Government involvement in business
B. Major restrictions on business/ Legal considerations
C. Government policy toward foreign investment

III. Economic Aspects
A. Major industries, exports, imports
B. Purchasing power, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), poverty rate, employment rates
C. Corporate tax rates/policies

IV. Socioeconomic Aspects
A. Cultural Values: Hofstede Cultural Dimensions
B. Population, Population Growth
C. Ethnicity, Religion
D. Labor considerations (i.e., unionized labor)

V. Conclusions
A. One paragraph discussion on conducting business in the country.

The paper should conform to the following standards: double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, Calibri or similar, one-inch margins, with all citations included on a reference list. All submissions should follow APA guidelines, but are exempt from the APA prescription of an abstract and executive summary. Electronic submissions should be in Microsoft Word format. WPS format is not acceptable and will result in a grade reduction. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and all works used in coursework must be cited on a reference page at the conclusion of each document. If you are not familiar with guidelines on plagiarism please contact the instructor or university writing center prior to submitting an assignment. All course submissions are subject to screening through the use of plagiarism detection software.

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