course objectives and health care administration.

Research Paper (Links to Course Objectives 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8):
The purposes of this assignment are to help you a.) effectively use research resources through library data bases and search engines to complete course requirements, b.) improve your critical thinking skills, and c.) develop your effectiveness in writing about topics relevant to course objectives and health care administration.
The paper is to explore, in greater detail than the required readings and class discussion, any health economics or finance topic identified in this course syllabus. Each student will choose a topic, which has relevance to health care financial management for a health service organization (HSO). Examples include but are not limited to the following: the financial impact of Medicare rates on a health service organization; the use of cost benefit analysis by a HSO; the use of market analysis and strategic product lines; or the change in the utilization of funds by an HSO. The student will demonstrate his/her mastery of the selected topic in no more than 15 pages of text. Student’s are required to submit to the instructor for approval a minimum one-half page write-up and brief outline on their proposed topic by the end of Week 4.
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Projected effects of Affordable Care Act on Health Insurance policies and healthcare demands
The Affordable care act was passed into law in 2010 is said to be the most sweeping legislation in recent history. The law which takes full effect in early 2014 is expected to expand coverage to over 30 million American.
I have done extensive research for a few days and I have not found anything concrete on the Impact of Obamacare. In fact, I have gone from being an advert believer to a skeptic. I was initially all for it because I believe that having a National Health Insurance program means that we can avoid advance selection and together contribute to sharing in the increasing cost of healthcare. This means that the most likely to be sick and the elder are not the only consumers of health insurance. And that healthy people share in the cost knowing that they will definitely get old and are likely to someday be in the same position of need or maybe suffer from an unexpected illness. However, with the Obamacare, about 20 million is still projected to be without insurance.
I was thinking to this discuss the potential problems with Obamacare;
? ?Crowd-Out? ? is a potential problem that may be experienced with ACA .
? Decreased access to care
? Adverse Selection: because people will only buy health insurance when they need care. This is because they penalty for not contributing to the pool is cheaper than contributing.
? They would be great financial strain on both Federal and the State government.

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