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Read the Assignment Specification very carefully as the same approach can be applied to all the assessment questions. Addressing the question 2 correctly is the most important thing. Before researching and writing, please must must analyze and read the file named Instructions for Essay Writing very very carefully because all details and requirements about this essay are on it. Make sure you have read every sentence and understand all these requirements and guidelines indicated in this session before writing on question 2. Please read this file again and again since you must write according to this.This file is the key direction and assessment standard for this essay. It is very important. The reading list file should also be read with careful. Must read and use all relevant pre- and further reading listed in that file as references for the essay on Q2. All the attached files and session slides are important and give important insights to this coursework. Read carefully and must read through all the attached files and then start to research and write in the right way. All the references must be obtained from academic sources and can be traced back. Please critically analyse and write Q2 based on Instructions for Essay writing file, related session slides, core reading, further reading, and reliable research sources. Please write very very carefully using a lot of theoretical discussions.Using Harvard referencing and writing based on plenty of academic sources either from core and additional reading lists or other academic sources.

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