you will write two body paragraphs of a cover letter for an internship in Ernst and Young. Only write the 2 (or 3) body paragraphs. (I will give the example for the body paragraph). Write all the information based on the information I gave you, and you may add some information on your own if you need more information but It most of the body paragraph must based on the information I gave you.
1. Internship at PT. Permata Lintas Abadi:
a. Prepare Financial Reports and check day to day operation for the company in order to find the most effective use of money in operation.
b. Research on several option for the company investment plan. Find the best solution for a better allocation of company’s money. The company decided to add more transport for the company due to a better allocation of money.
2. Internship at Danareksa:
a. Learn about finance and investment through assist in reviewing company’s proposal for a line of credit
b. Research on the company departments and what they have to offer for their customer, in order to provide information to customer.
3. Staff at Teenage Training:
a. Lead a group to have the best experience in the program and assist them in every aspect of learning in order to explore their inner talent. As a result, most of member in the group are able to develop their skill after the program and get into great school in the country or overseas.
b. Finding participant for the training by call every prospective client and offer them the program we had. As a result, we get 48 participant in the program.

Volunteer experience:
Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco
I participated in organization that provide affordable houses for people in need. We built houses for people needed, park beautification, and help organize store

Glide Memorial Church
participated in non profit organization who provide food for homeless. My works is to serve food for homeless

American Red Cross Society
participated in organization that provides blood for those who needed. My works is to help the donor by explaining in the donor process and help them familiar with it.

will post the body paragraph example and the guidelines for writing the body paragraph.
Note: write it with a good grammar and sentence structure.

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