Create a schedule for each major task required for starting a bakery.


Create a schedule for each major task required for starting a bakery.

The project will have a work breakdown structure (WBS). Select your approach for the project scheduling and construct the network.

Assignment 2- Applying the WBS that the learner constructed in Assignment 1, list the key responsibilities of your project team associated with the major tasks you outlined.

Define the following: Purpose of the roles, Responsibilities of the roles, Reporting relationship of the roles, Skills, qualifications, and experience required

Complete this section by creating a detailed organizational chart. You can use the organization chart template in PowerPoint or visit to download a template for an organizational chart.

Assignment 3- The learner’s project plan may be large and complex. The purpose of the project plan is to meet the needs of the organization by accomplishing the task. Some organizations use the phrase, “setting the objectives,” while others may say, “defining the scope of the project.” Your Key Assignment includes using the parts of project management planning from Weeks 1–3 and applying to the following scenario.

Project Situation:

You are the project manager for the project you selected and identified in the prior assignments. Using your Microsoft Project software, sketch out your action plan. Use the action plan to develop the work breakdown schedule (WBS) as follows:

Create a list of between 5–10 major deliverables that need to be undertaken and completed, in the general order of how they would occur. This is Level 1 of the action plan. Next, break out each of the Level 1 deliverables into 5–10 activities. This is Level 2 of the action plan. Then, break out Level 2 items into smaller activities. This is Level 3 of the action plan. Keep going with continuous sub-level activities until there is no reason to continue. Depending on your project, only 2 levels may be required for a particular deliverable, so not all level 2 activities are expected to be broken out into level 3 activities. The budget has not yet been established.

Include the following using your Microsoft Project software:

Deliverables Tasks to complete deliverables (estimate durations based on available resources) Planned start dates (Use Predecessor relationships to sequence tasks) Planned completion dates (Use Predecessor relationships to sequence tasks)Planned Milestones (Use Predecessor relationships to sequence tasks) Individual(s) or department(s) assigned to complete the work of tasks to produce deliverables (use the Resource Sheet view to list resources, and then use Assign Resources tool in the Gantt chart view to assign resources to tasks) Estimated project completion date based on use of Predecessor relationships to sequence tasks

Assignment 4- Summarize the project plan in narrative form in a MS Word document. 1000 words, 50-100 task on MS Project

Control is the last element of your project. Add a summary portion about some of the things that would require performance control in the project. This can include the performance of the project, cost changes, and timeline adjustments. Changes occur in any type of project. Therefore, a formal change control system is necessary in the overall project plan, as well.

Complete the following:

1. Add a section to your plan highlighting key points about how changes to a project can affect the scope of the project. Add the following detail to your summary: How will project contracts or agreements be introduced and processed?After the project is approved, what is the potential impact of changes on budgets, schedules and deliverables?How will the project team be advised of changes to the project?Include information about the change order as part of the master project plan. Add any other information important to project scope changes. 2. Add the change process section to the end of your project plan. 3. Organize the sections, edit, and post the final draft narrative of the project plan

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