Create Flashcards/Test for me

Objective 1: (due in 2 hours max)

Attached is a whole review, it has both questions and answers. I would like you to take these questions and answers and create flashcards from them. You can either you to use to create these flashcards or feel free to use any flashcard software that will enable me to easily print the flashcard. I would like the question to be in the front and the answers on the back. Very simple. An example of a question could be “What are the 3 marketing objectives?” and the answers on the back will be 1-Cost Oriented 2-Demand Oriented 3-Sales Oriented. I would like the answers on the flashcards to follow this format.

Objective 2: (due in 14 hours) Attached is a review. Using the review, please create a complex multiple choice+short answer test using the questions and answers in the review. Please attach an answer key as well for me to easily grade.

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