Create your own Theory in which Clarity and Creativity are Key

The main instruction is called: ?Comm 402 project Instructions? and the rest are Powerpoints with information that you will use to help write the paper. Please use academic sources ONLY. Please ask any questions

This is a paper about creating your own theory in which clarity and creativity are important. Everything that you learned so far will be applied to this paper and presentation.

1. Start with a problem or an issue related to a communication discipline, your current job, or your future dream job. Describe the problem or the situation.

2. Identify (formulate) 3 key concepts.

Depending on the problem/observation that you choose, extract key concepts from it. What are the key concepts based on the problem/observation?

3. Describe 2 causes of each key concept based on your own reasoning (clearly indicate the causes of each concept).

4. Describe 2 effects of each key concept based on your own reasoning (clearly indicate the effects of each concept).

5. Link some of the concepts (i.e., key, cause & effect concepts) to form 3 hypotheses (Hs).

6. Provide theoretical/conceptual definitions for all concepts that are used for your Hs.

7. Provide operational definitions for all concepts that are used for your Hs.

* Be creative!
Even if your paper does not have many errors, you won?t get a higher grade if there are several similar papers. You have learned that a ?creative idea? is the most important element in theory building. Bypassing every single step, ask yourself if you are thinking creatively.
*Be logical!
Concepts, hypotheses (for the midterm paper), theoretical rationales (for the final paper) should go well together.
*Be critical!
I recommend that you read your draft critically to make your theory better.
e.g., If one hypothesis does not go well with the others, you can go back to a previous step and start over from there again.
e.g., If a conceptual definition does not work well with its operational definition, fix them.


? Essay format, not bullet points (You could number each part, though.)

? About a 4 page paper (excluding a cover page and references)

? 12 font, 1 inch margins (Default in MS word 2010, previous MS word versions use different margins), Times new roman, double-spaced

? Include a title and group members’ names on the first page. Don?t use them as a header. Don?t repeat them on the 2nd page forward.

? Insert a page number.

? Stapled

? Use APA style (6th ed.)

? For in-text citations wherever you cite sources in the body of text &
A reference section (bibliography) at end of your paper.

? APA reference websites: and

Use ACADEMIC sources

Use the PowerPoints provided to learn about the information and use that acquired knowledge to form the paper.

Please reply back to me with ?Coconuts? so that I know that you have read and understand the instructions.

Rubric for the paper
Item Points
Each step: 13 points
Creative, critical, logical, clear, comprehensive, etc. 91 points
Format, grammar, flow, style(citation), errors, etc.
* Minor errors for citation will reduce some points. However, failure in citing sources properly (plagiarizing) will result in 0 for the assignment automatically. 9 points
Total 100 points

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