Project setup: Leaders are adaptable and able to use their skills, talents, and experiences to positively contribute to most any situation. Successful leaders are often asked to act as consultants for organizations/entities for which the leader has some subject matter expertise. For this project, imagine that you have been assigned or hired as a consultant and your task is to review an organization’s/entity’s strategic plan and make substantive recommendations. Your recommendations will be formulated as a result of applying Boyd’s OODA loop. Specifically:

Find a strategic plan for an organization/entity.
Note 1: I suggest you focus on an organization/entity that is in your general area of interest or for which you have some subject matter expertise.
Note 2: You may find/obtain/select the strategic plan by searching the Web or you may approach an organization/entity directly.
Note 3: I will need the link to or a copy of the strategic plan that you find/obtain/select.
Review and strategic plan through the lens of Boyd’s OODA loop.
Note 4: Some strategic plans are large and complex; if you select such a strategic plan then you should concentrate on some pieces of the strategic plan.
Note 5: For each part of the strategic plan that you select, think about how Boyd’s OODA loop could be applied.
Be specific about how you would advise the organization/entity to Observe, Orient, Decide, and then Act of each of the parts of the strategic plan that you review.
Note 6: Record your recommendations.
Make sure that you provide rationale for your recommendations.
Your project should be 10 – 15 pages in length (excluding the strategic plan itself)… double-spaced… font size of 12… standard margins.
Have fun with this!!!

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