Criminal justice
Directions • Besuretoanswerthequestionfully. • There is no page requirement for the assignment. That said, if you are answering the question with only 1-2 pages, you probably aren’t answering the whole question in sufficient detail. • Youshouldhaveappropriatecitesandreferencesforyourresponse.Youcanuseany source available to you as resources to answer the questions. • Responses must conform to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Describe the methodological design for a project aimed at studying the impact of the legalization of marijuana in Colorado on the criminal justice system. You should clearly state: • your purpose in performing the research, • your research question and hypothesis(or hypotheses), • your dependent and independent variables and specifically how they will be conceptualized and operationalized, • your unit of analysis, sampling method, including when, where, and how; • the statistical technique(s) that you will utilize in the analysis; why did you choose that (or them), • the strengths and weaknesses of the research design you have chosen: discuss at least three strengths and three weaknesses. answer all of them plz don’t make it difficult to read, just simple but u have to answer the question correctly. please make sure that there is no plagrism because am gonna submit it via turn it in program.

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