Criminal Justice and Criminology


Criminal Justice and Criminology

Paper instructions:
You need to select ONE chapter from the Research Methods for Criminal Justice and Criminology text and decide how you would teach that material from the chapter to others taking a research methods class. The material can be a general overview of the whole chapter or a specific concept from the chapter, such as sampling, probability, observations, surveys, variables, reliability, validity, etc. Be sure to tell us what chapter you are using as it helps with completing the activities.

Once you decide on what you would like to convey to others, then decide HOW you are going to do it. Here are some ideas.

A discussion question, similar to what I have been posting.
A puzzle or game to help students learns terms or concepts. For example, there are free crossword and word search puzzles online that use your own words.
An activity such as an interview, survey, or observation.
View a YouTube segment or other website and discuss it.

Prepare an activity that will promote and contribute to learning the chapter and course material. The activity you choose can be creative within reason. Tell us the chapter you are teaching from.
Assignments can be in the form of text pasted right into the Discussion area, as an attachment if your assignment is best presented as an MS Word document, or a URL link to a page, along with directions.
Let me know if you have questions as you plan your assignment.
You will be graded on the following.


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