Critical Annotated Bibliography

Critical Annotated Bibliography

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critically annotate 4 pieces of written work thats uploaded

The annotation for each article should be between 250-300 words.

As well as the annotated articles, a write a 500 words synthesis. In this synthesis you must explain what you see as linking all of the 6 articles in some way; for example by theme, issue, context etc. and articulating how these articles support your understanding of yourself as a learner-practitioner in relation to other practitioners and communities in development/humanitarian practice.
NOTE 1?recognise how the work you do on this assessment task will assist as prep for your Circle presentation and your final essay at the end of semester.
NOTE 2?that ‘Critical’ in this sense is not simply an evaluation of the quality of the article. Critical in this instance demonstrates insight and thought – in other words a ‘critique’.

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