Critically assess the relationship between social class, education and life opportunities in the UK. Is social class still the most important predictor of employment of employment opportunities in 2016?Order Description
The following general criteria will be used to assess your written work.

Structure – a clear logical format with linked points and arguments.

Objectives – these should be related to the chosen topic area and should be clearly stated in the essay.

Background material – evidence of the background research drawing from literature sources. Should include enough descriptive content and factual information from which to derive arguments and assessment of key themes and issues to be addressed.

Accuracy – in the presentation and description of theories used in the argument

Argumentation – the main argument of the report should relate to the objectives you have initially stated. They should be supported by evidence, both from a variety of sources in the literature.

Conclusions – summarise the key points and arguments and relate back to the original objectives of the essay.

Presentation – the essay should be well planned – clear, coherent and well laid out. Relevant references and sources should be cited using a consistent and accepted
style of referencing.

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