Critique on International Law

Jurgen Habermas and Chantal Delsol each offer trenchant critiques of contemporary international law and the contemporary international system. In a 12-15 page paper, offer your own critique of either Habermas’ The Divided West or Delsol’s Unjust Justice. Bear in mind that the word “critique” comes from the Greek word for judgment. Hence, your critique of Habermas or Delsol need not be negative. Rather, it is an opportunity to evaluate their positions with respect to the tradition on international law, both modern and medieval. Your critique should be based in both the world of medieval and modern theorists. Thus, your paper should involve at least three thinkers: whichever contemporary thinker you have chosen, a modern thinker (such as Machiavelli, Grotius, Vattel, or Kant) and a medieval thinker (such as Aquinas, Vitoria, or Suarez, although Cicero would be appropriate).

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