Cross Cultural Leadership Training

Diversity consciousness is a prerequisite for effective leadership. However, enabling leaders to learn and practice the skills they need to excel in diverse environments is a challenge. These skills range from flexibility and acceptance of differences to active listening as a way of showing interest and building trust to networking.  Often, programs that seek to provide leaders with experiences that build these very skills put individuals in environments that take them out of their comfort zones. In recent years, a number of innovative and experiential leadership programs have been developed, including:

– A cowboy who teaches leadership by having individuals tame horses

– An orchestra director who teaches leadership by having individuals experience what it is like to both conduct and respond to a conductor’s baton.

Research experiential and creative leadership training programs.  Select one program and critique in a 5 page paper.  As part of your analysis, you should:

1.  Address why diversity consciousness is a prerequisite for effective leadership

2.  Describe and evaluate what diversity skill(s) the program’s participants develop

3.  Evaluate the relevance of these skills today

4.  Evaluate the value of experiential training in developing diversity-conscious leadership.


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