Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Paper details:What image of Japan do the readings in David Lu’s volume and the pictures in the MIT website convey? What similarities and differences do you see with the United States? What problems and challenges does Paik Nak-Chung envision for a democratic South Korea?

Each posting should be between 300- and 500-word long. Post your assignment in the Dropbox. Keep them short and to the point, longer is not necessarily better. Clarity and brevity are ideal. As you will see, the weekly questions make direct reference to the assigned readings, and your answer should do the same. Basically, you have to prove that you have done the readings and that you have spent at least a few minutes thinking what they mean (historically). This is an easy way to lock in an “A” for a large portion of your final grade. Just turn them in on time and be certain that they address the readings and the issues at hand directly and clearly. Let me very clear: you need to asnwer the questions using the readings. If you do not provide evidence that you have actually done the weekly readings, you will receive no points. Each posting will be graded as “plus,” “check” or “minus.” “Plus” means you get the 4 points slated for that posting; “minus” means zero points; “check” means two points —you did the posting but with minimal effort. Remember, if your posting is not based on the weekly readings, it will receive zero points. Postings shorter than 300 words will receive no points.

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