Term Paper:
The length of the paper should not exceed ten pages
Topics of the paper must be one of the following:
a) “The Culture Industry Thrives by encouraging those it dominates to Identify with Its Products”
b) “Is Land a commodity to be bought and sold?”
c) “Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association
takes place!”
d) “You can’t continue to concentrate wealth faster than you produce it”
e) “People with high incomes (wealth) seem to be dying in their late 80’s, but people on middle
income or lower die off in their 70’s at best”
f) “The cure for poverty is empowering women”
The structure of the term paper should be:
Title of the paper
Introduction: define the economic concept/concepts you will cover and what the story is about
Tell the story (you may use lyrics of songs or describe the scene from a movie, TV show, or
stand-up comedy or any other cultural episode in your story or presentation)
Explain why and how your Pop Culture event or topic conveys the economic concepts we
covered in this class to amplify or elucidate on the main topic
Add a paragraph or so in the form of conclusion

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