Culture Inside Leadership

Please see below instructions. This will be a paper based on the the following topic. I have included the outline below for how the paper should be broken down. All sections should be broken down with the title for new section. I also included below the 3 journal sources cited. The paper must be written using these sources I found. I will also attached the articles in this. You do not have to use a lot of big terms or words. just proper and still relatable.


In Unit 7, all students will complete a research paper, a minimum of 7-10 pages in length (excluding the cover sheet and bibliography pages) that analyzes the effects of culture on leadership. This paper should also consider the impact that the interaction between culture and leadership has had on society, as well as the personal impact the effects of this leadership style has made on you. The paper should be written in APA format and have at least four peer-reviewed or high-quality sources, which should be sources not covered in the course (i.e., not the textbook). Wikipedia and web sites are not acceptable sources. Using them as sources will affect your grade accordingly. The paper will be double-spaced, typed using Courier New font (12 point), with one-inch margins. The paper will contain a title page, an outline, and a bibliography. The paper will be developed in stages, with each stage having its own due date.

***Journal Articles for paper***

Chuang, S. F. (2013). Essential skills for leadership effectiveness in diverse workplace development. Online Journal for Workforce Education and Development, 6(1), 5.

Nanjundeswaraswamy, T. S., & Swamy, D. R. (2014). Leadership styles. Advances In Management, 7(2), 57.

SzczepaƄska-Woszczyna, K. (2015). Leadership and organizational culture as the normative influence of top management on employee’s behaviour in the innovation process. Procedia Economics and Finance, 34, 396-402.


Culture Inside Leadership

Thesis: While many may argue that leadership is affected by culture, the purpose of leadership is to create culture, thus effecting organizational effectiveness.
I. Introduction
II. The Relationship Between Leadership and Culture

A. Leadership Style (the affects of, and diversity cause ing the leader to react differently.

B. Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness
(how the leader should go about it)

III. The Effects of Culture and Leadership on Society

IV. Personal Impacts of Leadership
V. Conclusion

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