Formatting Requirements

Project must follow APA guidelines.

1 inch Margins
12 point professional font
Footers including page numbers and student’s name
Headers including project name and class
File name: first initial last name, and project (ex. CSegura_Research)
Use of tables, graphs, images, etc. of appropriate size that are relevant to the information being conveyed is highly encouraged.
Content Requirements

Minimum of 2500 words, maximum 3000 words
Excluding table of contents, cover and reference pages
Title Page including
o Project Name

o Your Name

o Instructor’s Name

o Course Name/Number

o Paper Title

Paper Requirements
Table of Contents
o Research

o Findings

o Context & Additional Explanations

Reference Page
Include and cite at least 5 professional sources (at least two sources must be Journal articles). Clarification 1: Do not use Wikipedia or Web sites that have undated postings with no authors. You are strongly encouraged to use the UMUC library’s electronic
Both full and in text citations required or work will not be accepted

File submitted should be a Microsoft word document with a .doc or docx extension. PDF or open office file etc file extensions will not be accepted.

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