Dangers Associated with Motor Sports and the Role of Technology in Making it a Secure Sport

Paper details:I will upload the OUTLINE of the research paper that you should go on it.

• The research paper should include historical implications, economic issues, social issues, cultural perspectives and even the science behind the technology being explored.

• People, places, events, sanctioning bodies or the specific technology may serve as the focus of the paper.

• Students should provide details as to the significance of the contribution and the subsequent impacts on racing.

• The assignment should reflect more than one person’s perspective.

• Written in APA manuscript style, this paper is expected to be a minimum of 2200 words in length and reference at least 8 different sources, with no more than 4 INTERNET only sources. Note that a source found online but also available in print, is not considered an internet only source.
Purdue has an APA writing guide that is very current and informative. Perhaps it’s worth a look?

Writing in APA manuscript style is not the easiest thing to do, but it is the style chosen for technology papers throughout the world. The APA manuscript style is easy to convert to publication materials.

The attached document shows (and tells) how to write in APA manuscript


Attached are the grading rubrics that I will use. You should use it to make sure you have all the graded elements.

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