write a 8 to 10 page (excluding cover page and references) report answering the following questions.
What are the different categories of networks? Compare and contrast the different types of network topologies.
How is information sent across a transmission medium from the physical layer?
Compare and contrast frequency spectrum and bandwidth.
What is encoding? What are the different combinations of encoding? Explain the uses of digital and analog encoding.
Briefly define important factors that can be used in evaluating or comparing the various digital-to-digital encoding techniques.
What are the different categories of modulation to change digital signals to analog signals?
What is TCP/IP protocol?
Is it always necessary to use TCP/IP for Internet systems? How is this protocol and the Internet related?
What are the five most critical communications functions that TCP/IP is able to perform?
Is the TCP/IP protocol difficult to understand? Why or why not?
What are the similarities and differences between IP v.4 and IP V6?

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