Assignment: Over the first two-thirds of this semester, we’ve focused on the larger relationship that nature has with how our individual, cultural and species identities are formed.
Your assignment is to write a 2000-word paper outlining for your audience to make a significant change in one of the below prompts for the sake of our continued existence. The problem in question should be focused on a global scale and must incorporate some discussion of how our identity is impacted.
You must explain what makes this problem worthy of our attention; in other words, explain its importance and relevance to our lives. This necessitates you explaining the problem, proving the problem’s existence, identifying the solution, and providing ample evidence that your solution can answer the problem in question. Your thesis is, therefore, a variation of: “Because of X, there is an increasingly probability of Y. Therefore we should Z.”
Your essay should be structured simply with an introduction, body paragraphs to explain your thesis, and a conclusion. Evidence from legitimate sources is key to arguing your point. Use your common sense. Blogs are unacceptable unless they are written by documented experts. News sites are acceptable unless they’re opinion pieces. Evidence from a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal is, generally, fine.
You should fully research your subject, educating yourself about what both sides of the argument are saying. If you do this, you will have no problem meeting the page requirements.
1. Sustainable Agriculture Practices
2. Deforestation
3. Conservation of the Oceans
4. The Impact of Mining
5. Fracking for Oil
6. Participation in Cap and Trade Carbon Markets
7. Eco-City Planning
As with any argument, your goal is for the reader to change their beliefs. The essay will not simply be an overview of your topic. While a strong description of its background is necessary, your essay must pass the basics of the Toulmin Test: a claim, reasons to back that claim and evidence to support your reasons. Don’t forget that your audience doesn’t believe that their beliefs are wrong. Establish your authority as a knowledgeable writer, but you must also build commonality and find empathy. If the answers to these questions were obvious, we’d all be on the same side. It’s your job to explain why your perspective is the best for everyone.
– a minimum of 2000 words
– a clear and concise thesis statement
– an introduction that captures the reader’s attention
– an interesting title
– focused, developed body paragraphs
– a conclusion that sufficiently summarizes your argument without being repetitive
– at least 6 credible sources
– use of diction and style appropriate to a formal essay
– be free of grammatical and mechanical errors
– double-spaced and in Times New Roman, 12-pt.
– an abstract AND annotated bibliography
– MLA style for paper formatting, quotes, in-text citations, and Works Cited page (Works Cited is not considered in word count)

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