Deniz Kandiyoti (2016) Locating the politics of gender: Patriarchy, neo- liberal governance and violence in Turkey, Research and Policy on Turkey,

what my doctor wants;

You are obliged to write a paper (Font 12, Times New Roman, Paragraph 1,5) by answering the following questions regarding the article
1.) How does Kandiyoti define neo-liberal and (neo-) conservative familism?
– What does “the family as a locus of government intervention” (p.6) imply?
– DEFINE and DISCUSS this discourse in regard to Turkey’s socio-political context!
2.) What does Kandiyoti imply by “the politics of masculinist restoration”? (p.11)
– Do YOU agree? Why or why not? Discuss

SECOND: To answer the questions IN YOUR OWN WORDS (do NOT cite/quote from the text!)
-Additional sources are acceptable
-No plagiarism

To formulate YOUR OWN OPINION in regard to the article

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