dental treatment

Mr. Lester Evans, one of your favorite patients, is scheduled with you at 11:00am for his 4-month recall appointment. Mr. Evans has been a patient in the practice for approximately 10 years. As you seat him in the chair, he tells you that he is leaving his present jobs and will be starting a new employment next week. He wants to make sure that you can complete all of his treatments today because he will not have time off in the near future. You take Mr. Evans’ vital signs prior to beginning treatment and record his blood pressure at 105/110mmhg. His other vital signs are within normal limits. You ask him how is feeling, and he states that he feels fine. You wait 5 minutes, chatting casually with him, before you repeat his blood pressure assessment. His second reading is 190/110. 1)How should you proceed with Mr. Evans’ appointment today? 2)What recommendations can you suggest for Mr. Evans? 3)What treatment modifications can you employ for Mr. Evans’ future detnal treatment? 4)Because Mr. Evans’ schedule is tight, is it appropriate to treat him today and address his blood pressure issue at his next visit? Why or why not?

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