Outcome 1:Be able to present ideas and arguments in written contexts following academic conventions of planning, and organization by developing clear, concise and coherent writing
Outcome 2:Be able to use reading and writing for inquiry, learning, thinking and communicating
Outcome 3:To demonstrate understanding of a written assignment as a series of task, including finding, evaluating, analyzing, summarizing and synthesizing from appropriate primary or secondary sources

TASK 3:  Outcomes 1, 2, 3
Maximum marks awarded: 10 (part of 25%)
Written paragraph: Due Friday 29 April 2016

Write an essay of at least 1000 words which clearly demonstrates how you are able to:

➢ Apply planning techniques to the writing process
➢ Present a situation suitable for descriptive writing
➢ Produce a well-developed essay with clear development of the topic
➢ Organise your essay in accordance with an outline see page 66
➢ Use grammar correctly
➢ Apply suitable academic vocabulary appropriate to the topic
➢ Correctly spell words, use capitalization and punctuation
➢ Follow formatting instructions


• Write about the following topic
i. Describe two things that improved the quality of life in your city or a city that you know.
• Brainstorm using a method that works for you to generate ideas
• Organise your paragraphs appropriately
i. Introduction (Highlight your thesis statement in pink)
ii. Body 1(Highlight your topic sentence in blue) Underline information that relates to before.
iii. Body 2 (Highlight your topic sentence in blue) Underline information that relates to before.
iiii. Conclusion
• Write first draft and get feedback, use feedback techniques on page 68
• Include at least one external source and reference it using Harvard Reference Guide

• Include a cover page with your name, EAU ID, date, subject, essay title
• Use Arial font 16 for Titles, 14 for Headings and 12 for text
• Insert header and place title of the essay top left with name and ID top right using font size 10
• Insert footer with date bottom left, page number bottom centre and lecturer name bottom right
• Left align with right hand side ragged edge
• Line spacing 1.5


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