Design and Critically evaluate a survey questuionnaire


First Class Essay required please.
This assignment is to design and critically evaluate a survey questionnaire. The questionnaire should be designed to address a particular research question or dependent variable of your choice. The completed assignment should include three main components:

• Part 1: An explanation including a diagram of a causal model of why you are measuring those particular variables (background characteristics, experiences, attitudes, perceptions etc.) in the survey;

• Part 2: An assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the specific question designs chosen;

• Appendix: A copy of the questionnaire itself. The overall word limit for Parts 1 and 2 (i.e. excluding the questionnaire) is 3,000 words. Don’t waste words discussing your sample or how you would conduct the fieldwork – only the three components above will be assessed.

My chosen question is
“Is the use of social media making the youth more anti social?

However, feel free to come up with any other relevant research question.

I am looking to get an extension also. So we’re talking 7 full days for the assignment.

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