?Designing a Network Topology.? Please respond to the following:
Present real-world examples that describe the significance of designing modular, redundant, and secure network architectures. Defend your answer from a technical perspective.
Discussion 2: ?Network Hierarchy.? Please respond to the following:
Contrast the various types of servers or services that can be placed at the access, distribution, and core layers.
?Addressing and Numbering.? Please respond to the following:

Discuss how you would develop an addressing and naming model in an environment that has 10 departments in a 1000 employee organization, are equally separated by geography, and use a common data center of 20 backend enterprise servers. How would you utilize hierarchical addressing in this scenario?
?Routing Protocols.? Please respond to the following:

Compare and contrast classless with classful routing. Support and cite your response with real-world examples.

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