Designing Effective Organisations

Assignment 1. Individual organisational structure assignment, from the textbook, pp. 134-135: ?�You and Organization Structure’.

The objectives of the analysis are to:
• Improve your knowledge of specific concepts and theories of OT
• Develop your ability to apply theories and concepts to practical situations
• Encourage you to consider the effectiveness of various OT theories and models as they relate to organisational functioning
• Develop your skills in research, critical thinking and analysis
• Develop your skills in academic writing

Weight: 30%
Due: at the Week 6 lecture
Criteria for assessment: the marking guide

Q1. Organisational purpose and mission.
– Clarity of purpose and meaningfulness of mission (3 marks).
Q2. Specific tasks to be completed.
– Comprehensiveness of tasks to be completed given mission (2 marks).
Q3. Initial organisational chart.
– organisation chart showing tasks and/or responsibilities for outcomes (2 marks)
Q4. Two locations three years later. (5 marks)
– New organisational chart showing two locations and roles (2 marks)
– Discussion of main issues of running a business at two locations (3 marks)
Q5. Five years later, five locations in two cities (6 marks)
New organisational chart for five locations in two cities (3 marks)
– Discussion of control and coordination issues (3 marks)
Q6. Twenty years later, 75 locations in 5 states. (10 marks)
– New organisational chart (5 marks)
– Discussion of control and coordination issues including customer satisfaction reporting. (5 marks)


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