diabetes mellitus

Guidelines for the Research Paper

Due Dates: (Submit by midnight on Desire to Learn)
Topics due 2/9
Outlines due 3/30
Papers due 4/13

General Information:

For this research paper I want you to choose a topic that is germaine to this course. It can be a disease condition, a physiological process(es) or some other topic that we have covered or will cover in this course. If you’re not sure about your topic just ask me. TOPIC IS DIABETES MELLITUS!!

The paper should achieve three things. First it should accurately explain and describe normal physiology of your chosen system. Second it should accurately described and explain any possible deviations from normal physiology, and/or the way the disease or condition has changed normal physiology. Lastly I want you to think about what would be the medical response(s) to the condition.

The paper should be well developed, 5-7 pages, with introduction, 3 (or more) point body, conclusion, and a works cited page with 5 or more references from reputable and scholarly sources of which the textbook can be one. I will post the APA style guide so you can list your references according to its standard.


Outline: For the outline I want you to clearly lay out the major points of your paper. There should be an Introduction, conclusion, and at least three points in the body of the paper. Second, this outline should be annotated with ideas and concepts you intend to discuss in each section and within each point. Third, you must have at least three of your references listed in APA style for me to look up. This will be worth 15 pts.-IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE THIS WRITTEN ALONG WITH THE PAPER ITSELF?

Paper: The research paper should be written using the guidelines above and turned in on time. The remainder of the paper will be 75pts. A rubric will be posted at that time.

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