Different ethical aspects of leadership concepts ; leadership qualities, emotional intelligence, motivation, communication
Paper instructions:
Create and eight- to ten- page (excluding title and reference pages) personal leadership development plan.

1. Select five to seven leadership concepts that were presented in class (listed below) to describe and evaluate for this assignment.

2. Discuss the different ethical aspects of each of the five to seven concepts you selected as they relate to your individual leadership style.

3. Describe how you currently, or plan to, incorporate these elements into your leadership style/development.

Select five to seven of the following concepts for your Final Paper:
• Personal mission statement
• Personal vision Statement
• Leadership qualities
• Leadership traits
• Behavior approaches
• Leadership Style (select one of the following)
o Situational Leadership
o Servant Leadership
o Transformational Leadership
o Transactional Leadership
o Charismatic Leadership
o Coalitional Leadership
• Personal Mastery
• Emotional Intelligence
• Motivation
• Empowerment
• Communication
• Team development
• Conflict management
• Leading change
• Leadership and diversity
• Strategic leadership
• Culture


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