Digital Advertising

Client is looking to submit a paper for academic journal “International Journal of Advertising” special issue entitled “Electronic Word of Mouth (e-WOM)”

This special issue addresses broad questions regarding electronic word of mouth (e-WOM).

Word-of-mouth (WOM) has long been appreciated for its contribution to advertising and promotional program successes. e-WOM occurs on a variety of platforms, such as emails, blogs, consumer review websites and forums, virtual consumer communities, and social media. With the advent of Internet-based technologies, identifying influential individuals in online space and encouraging positive WOM among consumers has become more and more important. e-WOM has emerged as a new form of WOM, which facilities information exchange among consumers.

Since social media burst into the public consciousness, the diffusion of social networks has shaped the scope and pace of e-WOM processes and created various settings where WOM can generate considerable value for marketers across the world.

e-WOM in Social Media for Luxury and Fashion Goods

Requested references to include:

With 40-50 references to other academic journals
(at least 40% from high impact journals – ratings of 4) – e.g. Harvard Business Journal
(at least 60% from journals – ratings of 2, and reputable news websites – WSJ, Forbes, etc…).

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