prompt: Prompt: Select two films from Weeks 3 and 4 and discuss how the key female characters are empowered and/or disempowered in each film. How do they push beyond the boundaries of what seems socially acceptable in their situation? What conclusions can you draw about women’s roles in the time period of the films you have chosen?
— make sure answer all the question in the essay!

— give background info about the topic
— mention which two films you are discussing
— make sure you have a thesis statement. Do you just give a “mission statement’.

Body of your essay
— prove your thesis
— specific example
— when using readings. Weave them into your discussion. Introduce the reading, give a quote (direct or indirect), and then discuss it. Be sure to use a footnote to cite.
— are you using enough readings, and the right readings?
— don’t give a plot summary but do discuss specific characters and scenes.

— make sure you give the significance of your example
— think about any problems, contradictions, complexities. Go beyond binaries like tradition vs modernity, good vs bad
— be careful not to make sweeping generalizations.

— summarize your argument but don’t cut and paste
— for a superior conclusion, go beyond the scope of your essay. What are some other issues to consider

Details to consider
— did you address the prompt?
— proofread outloud
— are you consistent in your tenses
— did you footnote and give a Works Cited section? (are all your citations in your works cited section? Are the entries in alphabetical order by surname?)
— is your writing too casual? Don’t use “you”, contractions, or profanity

Reading1 is for movie 1, reading 2 and 3 for movie 2, reading 4 for movie 3 and reading 5 for movie 4. Only need watch 2 movies and use their correspondng articles. No outside sources needed. Please provide analysis between the film scene and the reading. Minimum plot summary. She is very particular with analysis. foot note needed.
— movie 1 and 2 link are in the attached “essay 2 prompt and movie” document. Movie 3 and 4 will be shared on google drive

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